Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was there before and now it is still there

I’ve checked out the student system today to see whether I was lucky enough to get a room in my campus. My heart beat fast as that was the millionth time I opened the system and God knows how I was wishing so eager to see a line saying that I succeed in my application. Oops…the server is busy. Reload the page again….then the same thing appeared. I felt that my heartbeat rise. Then I tried again and again while my heart was already swearing and cursing. Finally…it went through and after waiting for a minute or two; I frowned and felt my heartbeat could blow a doctor’s ears’ if he pressed his tools onto my chest. Damn… “Your application is still in process”.

What is in the hell is that?? They got a full two month to discuss and give out the verdict and results. Why the administration is too sloppy in managing this matter? I don’t think that they are short on staffs nor they are short on data to evaluate on those who should get the rooms. If they are so fussy on that, why don’t they just give a big, clearly typed font of lines saying “YOU DIDN’T GET THE ROOM. BETTER GO OUT AND RENT A HOUSE”????

Sometimes, I think I lost my respect for to these peoples from the way they handled these kinds of matters. Too many irrelevant decisions and it wasted a lot of precious time to the students, be it the likes of me or the other way around. Some who deserved, didn’t get it while others who clearly do not require it, got it. What’s even funnier is, there are clearly some biased elements in the process of selecting and granting these selected few rooms to live and study. Now I’m so sad and angry because if we were given the results earlier, we can save our time in searching for a renting place to stay and would not have to wait for nothing when the result to come out. Man~~~this administration have to re-evaluate their style of conducting their duties and responsibilities. Not only that, they ought to understand the situation they caused to the students.


Then I go to the bank hoping for my loan already credited in my account. I’ve gone to several tellers and in every teller that I went; I waited long enough for a lady to give birth to a baby. What’s even more frustrating is that I waited hours for nothing because when I check my balance, it was still the same. ZERO. What happened to the loan which I intended to pay for books, equipments, fees, living expenses and probably, rent for a house?? Obviously, this is one of the most profound problems for students who are at disadvantage in getting their application for a room in the campus’ hostel.

These issues have always been the issue whenever we go back to study and I don’t see improvements on this. Well, there are improvements actually but basically, the problem is still there. It didn’t get solved. It’s still there.

I wonder what did they learned from their experience in managing issues and situations like this? I do not know whether to pity and understand them or lashes out my anger to them because I too have my own problems. I tried to be sensible but the more I tried to understand and tolerate it, the more I felt like they failed to do their job. Not only they failed in their responsibility on their job, they also failed me and the other students. If they worked for a Japanese corporation, probably these people will be educated again specially on management and quality control lessons.

I have my respect for them and admiration towards visions and missions that they showed to us, but it would mean nothing if their actions are not as good as their mouth talk. So I hope that they will learn and try to make better solutions to these problems as this will help them to provide better service to the students and not giving students( and me of course! ) harder times which would affect their studies and eventually make their efforts…wasted.