Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm being a bit selfish here~~~

Hi. Whazzup peeps? Still up like me? Its 3.50am on my clock. I’ve been keeping up since yesterday’s noon. I should feel tired and sleepy. I am. But since I really cannot find the reason to sleep early, I just stay up and fill down this empty page and turn it to something that you can enjoy to read. Be it good or bad, I can’t complain cause what I’m typing here is my rants bout what I feel and forgive me if it’s crude, brash and probably isn’t suited to your taste. But hey, that’s just me. The me who aren’t wearing my masks that I wear to confront you all in our daily interaction.
I’m listening to the Scott Pilgrim’s ost~~>By your side. I already played it so many times but still…it never fails to cheer me up and mellow up my heart…. It was just a sweet song… I dunno who covered this song but since I enjoy listening to it so much, I just add it to my playlist and have good times enjoying it. The original track was actually performed by Sadie and that was probably made in the 90s. It’s a great song. Perfect for couples to reminiscence of what an ‘unconditional love’ is. Hehe.
Anyway, I wonder how have I been to you readers’ eyes? Have I give y’all good times reading my posts or I just made y’all even more bored reading my posts?
Tell me bout your opinion on me. I’m very interested in knowing it. Be it good or bad I always welcome opinions cause that way I can do check and balance between the me(s) that dwells inside my soul. Haha!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Enigmatic Holiday. Burghhh!!

Hye peeps. Huh…been a lil disappointed when I got back home. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Damn…I just feel down already thinking that I’ll be spending the next few weeks doing things that I don’t really want to. Huhuh.
Today has been a day that really makes me sad and guilty. I got a txt from a dear friend telling me that her husband died…she’s trying to recover but I know that it’ll be hard… I feel so sad because I was so close to her before I purposely avoid calling her and texting her… I feel so sad… and then one of my dearest ex came with her husband… I was like…baffled and just stand there not able to say things. God…I really feel bad… Of all exs that parted me, she still the one I really feel greatly indebted and guilty… I hope things will be good for her…
Huhu… But not all things are bad. Finally, I can go to a decent gym where I can fulfill my goal which is to tone and shape back my body to its prime figure [hehehehehe]. Well I’ve been a bit of crazy for this thing since it was the only thing that gives me supreme satisfaction. Apart from cooking and eating luxuriously, this is the only thing that really got me going on. 4.50 per fee isn’t expensive for no time limit eh? Hahahaha! I’ve got my own customized equipment here at home which are my pails, my bandana, an iron bar and plenty of water as the weight bar. I hope next sem I can go back with high self-esteem and full of spirit. Who knows if I can get bonuses from this thing rite? [keeping my fingers crossed and a lil toungie twist behind all the serious faces].
For a peculiar reason, I’ve been thinking a lot since I came back and a lot of ideas came into this complicated mind of mine. But I’m holding it in before I get it into my next posts cause I really gotta make it clear and understandable for u guys. So I’ll leave u all with these things which is ‘Education that needs to be re-hauled’ and ‘Problematic nation’ and also ‘Pointers Isn’t Everything’.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I just want to go back and forget these bad times.

Like I said. I just wanna go back for the time being.