Sunday, February 20, 2011


Happy with this confused state of mind.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Different Views on the Men vs Boy.

I wanna laugh as hard as I can just a while ago. I posted sumthing that I read a few years back while I was reading some mags at Klang.
It sumthing about boys and mens and womens. Pretty hard to understand bout the meanings that were hidden between the lines back then but rite now, I think I got a firm grasp on what it meant.
I posted in FB saying..
'Yeah. They say men will always be boy. If that's so, why won't u take care of ur men? Boys wil run away when u don't give them attention. So beware. U might end up as the one left by these 'boys'.
Then a few minutes past by and here's a reply by some dude...
'man will stay, boy will left'.
'That's why we want Men..! Not boy..wuahahahahha XD'
'you will :)
Hehehe. I wanna laugh at this.
Of course every girl would want a man and not a boy! They ain't grown to be a woman yet. A woman in the other hand, when they matured they will search back the 'boy' inside their man.
I ain't tellin' lies. As far as what I can see, that's the norm I saw.
Okay back again at the equation.
A man of course will search for a woman. Yeah. Cannot deny that rite? But there will be no man who wouldn't have boys inside themselves even when they have gron into a man. Cannot remember where I read this, but yeah, Boys will always be boys. So a 'Man' itself ain't guaranteeing a succesful relationship.
So 'boys pretending to be a man' can shut the fuck up and suck upon their own dicks cause pretending to be a man will never get them the honor of a man.
They are the kind who wishes to be a man, long for the title but it ain't comin' out easy dude.
So read it carefully and [hopefully, u'll got your chance to be a man, since living under your parent's armpit will never get that for u] think before u type ur thoughts in it. For many greens, ur rite. But for the vets, ur wrong.

And yeah. For the girls, liking something that you ain't understand will only make u as a fool. No matter how how pretty you are or rich, u ain't gonna make people respect you for that. Sucka!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Troubled heart and raging emotions.

Hi. Long time no see people. I was hooked up with my study and all sorts of things that steal away my time. Its kinda hard when you cannot manage time and situations. Losing control over myself is the greatest weakness I've done right now.

A lot of things happened and boy I'm so stressed with everything to gamble.

Its kinda hard when someone who was supposed to be there for you didn't make it. My birthday was a fail epic. Valentine day was the worst. What more can I hope from a woman who I pledge myself to when she ignored me and didn't care for me? I was a fool to believe that gifts and calls and sms can strengthen our relationship. I think I did my part of the deal and sacrifice quite of things until last week.

Unappreciated and worthless. That what I felt. It damaged me not only on my study but my health too. Even if this relationship was only a few months old, I was treating it like it was going to be forever. Turn out to be like it was just a fleeting dream. I've been giving my devotion to nothing.

I cannot stand it when I feel like I was betrayed. What more when someone who I trust and love so much? That would break me into pieces.

I called her last night with rage and sadness inside my heart. Our conversation didn't end good. But there's something more... I didn't tell her what has happened during these times..

I got my feelings and attention to someone else...

She came when I was nearing my limits... I could say she saved me from falling rock bottom... then she gave me strength and nurture me back to my feet...
Then the next thing I knew, I was all over her...
I kept thinking of her... I can't resist myself from texting her, calling her....
I felt like the void inside me which was done by my woman was filled by her.
My day was lightened by her. My night now warmed by her.

But somehow I felt like I'm cheating on my woman....though I doubt that I her 'Man' anymore... This emotions is killing me inside..
I can't deny that I'm losing my feelings to my woman but I also cannot deny how I really feel pain whenever I see her name, her face, her voice...

I thinking of breaking her up...but I cannot do that..I'm tied with my promise to her.....
When I promised to someone...I couldn't go against the promise...
That is why this affair is killing me inside....

Its hard to love two women at the same time right....