Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'Drop Dead You Bitch'

Seriously. Why do I have to learn in details about paragraphs, main idea sentences, supporting details, writing styles and all sorts of ruling over articles' writing?
Would I even need it when I finally have a decent job in the future? Honestly in mu opinion, this is pure BULLSHIT!
For a 2 credit-hour subject, I find this as to be preposterous as the requirement for work of this subject is irrational. You gotta make comments in an online blog every week and still have to go for classes. Plus, I asked the other group's works for their lecturer's demand. Presentation for each chapter. That is waaaayyyyyy more easy than what we are doing. Its unfair beyond question.
One thing lead to another and thus chain reaction of anger is being reinforced every week. I can't take it.
If she would make questionnaire by the end of semester, I'll write this for her.
'Drop Dead You Bitch'

Monday, April 9, 2012

'Dear God'

Howdy peeps? Same old brand new you?
These few weeks has already passed and here I am still standing even though there are times I felt like I just want to quit. I'm glad I made it to this point because I know that no matter what happens, I'll be okay. Sure feels good when we are surviving even we almost got crushed down by our own self-destructive thoughts.
Last week I was at my home. But only for one night. The next day I've gone back here at hostel. This prison seems a lot more appealing than my home. I guess some girls will never grow up. That's one of the reason why I ran away from home.
Study is okay for the time being. I still can afford to be lazy and skip a few classes. Money? Now that is the one thing I hate to remember. I hate the fact that I have to cope with the lack of financial capacity for the time being.
Love? I'm steady for the time being. No biggies over that matter XD
I just lost the mood and words. I'll update again when I have the mood and time.
Sorry peeps. Nite~