Saturday, January 1, 2011

GoodBye 2010 and Welcome 2011

Hey! Howdy? Happy New Year to you all! Its 1st of Jan and hopefully all of you have the best of 2010 and May you all will receive the best of 2011. This New Year marks new targets to achieve and hurdles to overcome. I ain’t gonna back down to that and surely I’ll do my best for it.
2010 has been the year that is really taught me well of not underestimating people and the importance of having good team in everything that I do. I failed to make a good use of the time I had and I proudly confessed that I got what I deserved. It wasn’t good but it was a good reminder for my worn out spirit. Luckily this worn out spirit was renewed anew and new responsibilities emerged with it. So I think this will be the addition of my reasons to fight on. I’ll have to steel my heart and strengthen my resolve along with my determination.
So I wish you all who read this post will have t2010he heart and guts to do what you have to do. Life is short and time will always flies away. Don’t let it goes to waste.