Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Biased Actions, Rotten Practices.

Its a bit peculiar to put this post on my blog.
Why does a person who teach let cheating to happen got mad at me?
Why she is mad just because this day I didn't some to her test?
Why she got to refer me as a pig?
Is it because she really have no manner or whatsoever ethics?
Why she let others to do as they want and still gave them chance?
Or is it because she got that power to escape from her harsh comments?
She's just as human as much as I do.
So why not put it on my face rather than saying in a wall post?
I wonder...
Sometimes, I feel very depressed from this kind of situations.
We all has been accumulating stress for quite a few month.
Everybody got their own issues and please don't trample on others' feeling cause karma will get you back sooner or later.
I hope I won't be affected by her rotten attitude.
I still want to put on this 'Mr Nice Silent Guy' mask.
Don't force me to wear that 'Mr Angry' mask.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Rumbling Thunder Before The Storm.

Peeps. It's been awhile since I got the mood to type my mind into this page again.
Life has its ups and downs. I got myself over a load of stress.
Odd it is when things goes so chaoticly. I don't care much bout that.

I'm supressing my own feeling now with more effort and I hope, I won't burst it out.

Peeps. Take ur time and manage urself well. The storm is coming and already the rumbling thunders approach us.

And oh yeah..for the girl who occasional come n see this page, I'll tell u this.
There isn't a single day pass without a single thought of u.

I miss ya n hope ya miss me too.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I need greens to live on!

RM17 to hold out for another week.

Guess meggy will be the best option.

Damn...lately I ran out of self-control.


Anyway its already Sunday.

Have fun peeps!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A post at 4.07am.....

Hi peeps...
Its already 4.07am and I'm still wide awake...with this post in process...
I'm listening to Kris Dayanti's Mencintaimu and oh God....I just love this song..
For you readers and followers who never got to see the other side of my soul, this is me.. I guess I don't show much of myself to people that much and that earned me the title of the silent one of the class. I think I'm on par with some other dude and gals that believe of the 'Silence is gold' phrase. Haha! I don't mind much of that. Its just that sometime when my mood swings to the wrong direction, I may burst out refuting to those statements.
What I wanted to type isn't that. I got distracted again with this Guns n Roses' song. November Rain is still faaaar way. I guess I got winded up with these turmoils of feelings and thoughts.
I already recovered from the breakup but still I don't think I got past it 100%. I always have that trouble. I got this all sorts of fear and I hate it.
I'm missing someone...so much that my heart ache and I felt like all the joy in this world has been robbed from me. Now the long awaited Saturday and Sunday suddenly lost its meaning to me. God I miss her....
Oh shit! Here come Alicia Keys...If I ain't got u....Damn~~~its a superb song to amplify this feelings! Now the pain seems to be more intense.
I guess that what will happen when ur in love rite? I remember a person pasted this on the FB wall sometime ago referring to not making hasty decision to choose another person as the ultimatum while u urself are just an option to them. I was so grateful to have read that among hundreds of posts in that time.
That is one of the drive that lead me to send the breakup vow to the last gf I had. She lied to me, used me and I was (probably)among the options she have. So what to do rite?
Anyway past is past and I moved on. So now I'm having a complicated relationship with this one sweet girl that were so honest to me. Even what she told me sumtime hurts me, I ain't gonna hate her for that cause she just doing what i wanted her to do....being honest...I have that tendency to simplify things and so i developed a habit of saying truth and expecting truth from others also..even if it hurts me. That's why sumtimes I just can't help myself from respecting peoples that I trust and love. So yeah...I'm believing in her and never try to distrust her. She's one of my friends but she more than them to me. She's a special person...yeah...she will always be even if we weren't be able to be together..
And then come this Maroon 5 song..Never gonna leave this bed. Damn~~can I sing this song in this morning when I'm slumping on my bed? Really wish I could...
There are tons of things I've been thinking and worrying and trying to solve it.
But I guess I'll continue to worry it tomorrow.
I'm getting sleepy and my eyes is begging me to shut them and my body yearns for that sweet pillow and blankets to lay on...
So peeps, we'll meet again when I got my mood and ideas to post things again.
Imma go to bed with this Ne-yo song...one in a million.
Mmmuahh! Gudnite and sweet dreams to y'all. Its 4.44am.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Responsibility and Maturity.

Two things that I think everybody should have.

Don't turn back on your promises.

Don't let others bear your the burden.

Understand and remember.

Responsibility over others is just as important as reponsibility over yourself.

Others care for u.

So think before you speak.

For thinking is the way to maturity.

So think about your own responsibilities.

Don't drag others if you want to fall alone.

We're striving for to get higher.

Not lower.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Come back after a few days.

Author still haven't find his ideas to type on.