Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Pointless Thought

Hey. Whaddup? So long without any posts from me. Y’all got lonely? I think not. Most of us were so busy dealing with our lives, tackling our own problems, enduring hardships and surely, we all tried to survive without failing in any areas of life. These months have so hard for me to cope up. It ain’t easy to get out from the comfort zone and do the same shit again and again. Lately, I have been thinking of whether I made the right decision to continue my study. When you go into the next level of tertiary education, seriously, you got to be prepared mentally, physically and of course, financially adequate. I never thought that I spend much of my resources onto crappy things and unnecessary things. But oh well, I am who I am which is a spendthrift person. Money came and goes as fast as my electrical brain signals generate and disappears. I didn’t buy much of things but I paid a lot to rents, bills, fees, and mostly, to the foods I cooked for every one of us that rented this house. Lucky for us, we have been good friends since our diploma days and that helps us a lot. We do have our own disagreements but still, we can talk without having to go the hard ways. Oh, I forgot. Last Sunday was my last exam and I guess it went well. I don’t have any regrets. It is pointless to stay and think about it. Furthermore, I still have two subjects to take during my semester holidays. That also means that I won’t get back home for holidays…yet. The holidays that I can spend time at my hometown is on Raya’s holidays. God…I miss my home. Or probably, I miss my lazy days… There are a lot of things that played inside my mind during my absence in this getaway. Thoughts that I didn’t share with anyone and I kept it to myself. It was tough to hold it inside and pretend that life is okay. I had to pretend most of the time and I kinda feel like I lied to myself. I like to be true to myself and to other people but still, I had to wear masks in front of some because I don’t want to create more dramas and problems. So, I relapse again to my habit during my diploma days where I stayed outside of the mainstream communication as much as possible and observe everything that has been going on. There are dramas, silent aggressions, awkward moments and a lot more of ‘entertainment’ that I enjoyed. Facebook and twitter was my prime source of entertainment. But then again it is also the source of my unhappiness and my sorrow. So what I think is that I want to go back to the real world and spend less time on a virtual reality site. I need to do that. Concerning of heart and feeling issues, well, I made some mistakes and created more scandals. I broke with my ex at May and during that times, I got so close with some women. I got myself so messed up and the next thing I realized after quite some time, I did not really have heart to love anyone. After Sophie, I got so scared of giving commitment and that cost me a lot. The last thing that I would say about these things is that I am not read and I am reminded to stay focused on what I want, where I want to go and who I will be. One thing that I understand is that, most women nowadays are materialistic predators that wait for their prey to come (No offense ladies, I know not all of women out there are shavers though). Well, I guess that enough for now. I lost my mood to continue blabbering about things. Truth is I’m just feeling unwell and lonely as hell. My neighbours already finished their study and it does feel like shit when I don’t hear them anymore. Oh God. I miss them already especially… Hehehe. That’s a secret for me and me only. Anyway lads, I wish a great time and fun. Adios Munchachos.