Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey! Whazzup? Howdy? I haven’t updated my blog for a few weeks. Sure is a long time. Holiday came and given me some good things to ponder out and think thoroughly. What can we expect of holidays? It stunts our growth and makes us obese if we’re stuck at home without a job and without any income. Damn! I hate this holidays. Hmm…But I won’t fret much. I did have a hell of a good time and luck anyway.
So you guys who are active and keen on checking people’s profiles at Facebook probably rite now have already known that I’ve found my spring again. Yea, I’ve been singing Bruno Mars lately and just got our first date a few days ago. It did not go so perfect but it was enjoyable. Life finally seems to be sweet to my heart [haha!] and it gives me a sense of direction of where I want to go to along with responsibilities to carry on. I know that not all love stories will go on like a fairytale but at least I’ll make it somehow.
I’ve checked my exam results and I ain’t happy about it. It ain’t good enough but still I passed. Thank God I won’t have to repeat more papers and I’m right on my track to grad in time. I am a bit sad cause I didn’t even get close to what I aimed for and what’s even more alarming, my points dropped to the red point! That’s what happened when you team up with assholes and dickheads. They like leeches that suck on you while you struggle to make good marks out of nothing cause they know if I do it right, they’ll end up as having good marks as me. These bastards are on my list and I want to get them back…sooner or later… Then next semester I’ll make a better of me and try earnestly not to put anyone in my class in that list cause more than a quarter of them have already make their way to the list. I don’t want to pray them terrible things!
But what’s more even vexing is that I’m beginning to have doubt of the whole system that I was in right now. Did I make the right decision to go for this course? They don’t promote change. They condone it! How the hell is we are going to produce good and quality manpower with intelligent mind if they don’t promote change and give evaluation based on students’ level of understanding and strength? Real world is more than just what the textbooks displayed and for me what’s the most important thing in surviving there is to have adaptability which is not promoted by these geeks who doesn’t want to be criticized and afraid to change the way they evaluate their apprentices. Some of these geeks are so full of themselves and forgot what their mission in educating the uneducated is. Maybe they forgot their aspirins or forgot to trim down their hairs and I don’t know. I don’t wanna know why they are like that anymore cause it won’t bring any good and it waste my time.
In this constantly changing world, they have to revise back and improve their strategy in educating people like me and others and those who shoulder great responsibilities have to remember that they have to improve their system to fit in the world which is a bigger system. If not graduates who opt for the private sector won’t be able to compete out with graduates from the private education institutions. At least if they change they can give out some things that worth to pay for. So much of the brilliant geezers!