Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some nights, everyday thoughts

Howdy? I haven't been around this particular getaway for a while. Sorry. I was very busy and somehow I drift along with the flow of everyday events. University life that was a part of my dream when I was just a teen now seems to be one of the worst phase of this life of mine. I kept telling myself that I will prevail these boring episodes and I won't regret this choice that I made...and I don't. The only thing is that these phase and episodes really sucks everything from me. My vitality, my spirit, my patience, my everything. I basically in the state of burnout when I started this semester and now I feel like I just can't make it with good result. Honestly, I'm tired and sick of going to classes. Let alone waking up before 7. A friend of mine posted that she needed a vacation a few days ago and I can't help it but to agree that I too am needing the same thing. A nice vacation. Maybe something like this?
Oh yea, I am now weighing 68kg from 67kg. But since I'm gaining weight because I'm gaining more muscles, I won't complain. My body fat is around 16% of my weight and it is good to know that I'm losing some fat even when my appetite seems to increase more and more lately. That's what it means going slowly but at a steady pace. It seems that the pain that I got from my workout sessions is worth the efforts. In other things, I don't think that it is worth to talk about. I know of a lot of things and secrets and conflicts and gossips. But its their problems and I don't have any interest in being a public enemy. Let them settle it. Anyhow, I'm waiting for Christmas to come. I hope that Christmas this year will bring more good things for me and everyone. Last Christmas was quite tragic for me and I certainly don't want things like that happen again. Lets just wait and see how Christmas will be this 25th December. I think its enough for now. My vision is blurry and my stomach now grumble again for some midnight meal. So, till the next post, stay strong and healthy.