Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hallo peeps! I’ve been away for quite some time already. Yeah, it sure does feel like I am being too lazy to update my page. But oh well, who would read it anyway? XD This day, 23rd August, I decided that I will go back to my apartment that I rented with my friends. I still got some holiday but I decided to go back early in order to finish my works before we go back to classes. To be frank, I’m tired from all of these study things during semester holiday. It robs me of the chances to make some decent money and I find that my will is wavering quite violently. And lately, I really felt like I want to beat up people without any reason. I just felt that I want to murder someone. Thank God, I managed to put that desire away. So, here’s what happened during my holiday. I was not planning to get back home because I kinda want a time for me to be alone and apart from that I already got that some kinky plan to rendezvous with someone there. But since I have already been missing for 4 months from my family, I decided to put that plan on hold and come back home. The first thing I noticed is that how messy things were and just like always, cleaning is the first thing I did. My room was in a dilapidated state. I can’t sleep there so I have been like a nomad in my own house by going from a room to another. Then I have a good look at my cats, all of them have grown big and my dog gave birth to four pups. Sadly, one of them died. I went to my childhood friend place and have a long nice chat with him. I swapped some movies and got some really nice vids to entertain me when I felt that urge to get high. The best thing he had was some photos from our times as secondary school students and I was really surprised he had our photo from our childhood time. Damn, I did not recognize myself in that photo. So small and so…timid. Oh man…I really need to get my photos back and see myself during those times. Yesterday was my aunt’s Raya open house and I went there quite late because I saw how many people that came. I locked up myself in my room and watched some movies to pass the time before I go there. My cousins were like usual with their old chit chat jokes and topics. ‘where do you live now?’, ‘are you working?’, ‘when you are going to marry?’. These was some of the same old questions I was asked and frankly, I hate these kind of questions. But you know….if auntie-auntie was the who asked, then you know that you will have to answer. Actually there was a lot of things that happened and thoughts that came to my head during these holiday. But, as always, I’m gonna keep it a little longer for myself before I put those thoughts in this page. Adios munchachos!

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