Friday, October 5, 2012

Hey, I’ve been away for too long already. Howdy peeps? Things are going for y’all? I don’t have it good but at least I’m trying my best to cope up with daily issues of my life. Personally I would have quit if it wasn’t for my thoughts of my future. I’m tired to study already. Seriously this degree study is grating my nerves and eating me inside out. I’m officially broke when I paid for my rents in advance and my debt to a few people. Honestly, I felt so sick with the thoughts of being penniless when I should’ve bought more things that are really important. But oh well, it’s already done and I ain’t gonna think about it anymore. Recently, I start going to gym again. After a few years now I’m going back to the track again. I’m gonna stick to that and hopefully; I’ll get to rid of my beloved fats and tone my body back to the way it was used to be before. I don’t want to be a freak with bulging muscles. It enough to be just…nice. But anyway, it’s time for me to rest. So peeps, have fun and enjoy your day.

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