Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Thought

Hallo peeps! Howdy? Long time no see. I was so caught up in my activities so I had no time to post anything in this getaway. But here’s the thing. I feel okay, not great this morning. I want to speak out my mind but there’s no one around. They are sleeping still. It’s Saturday and I can understand that.
So here’s the thing. Last night I went to gym again with my buddies. Usually there were only two of us but now we have more buddies coming along. So, in the previous month, both of us vowed to checked our weight, bodily fat, bodily water, muscles density and bones density and yesterday was one month already since we take it serious to train and diet. Guess what? Both of us made subtle yet very good improvement. My weight doesn’t change much since I weight 65kg compared to the previous month, 65.9kg. My bodily fat improve so much since I got 13.1% fat from 33.6%. My bodily water doesn’t change much since I drink a lot. I got 44.5% compared to the previous 66.7%. My muscles improved steadily with 47.3% from 41.4%. My bones density doesn’t change. Still 2.9 kg like the previous one.
I am happy to say that I am doing fine despite the discouraging and unsupportive remarks from friends and some people who were so judgmental on people’s efforts to change. I am living better, feeling so much better, better and better. I can’t brain why people don’t see that they should at least do a thing for themselves that will give good ROI. If they are decide it’s not their thing then it’s okay for me. But to undermine me and talking it out behind my back, not daring to say those thing in front me? Wah. So great lar. They can do that all the time they want while idling and doing nothing. That is their standard.
But anyways, I am feeling great. Heh!

A bit messed up I think but still okay. The one I'm in black shirt is on the last semester. The one with white singlet is from last month. Well the other with me wearing blue shirt is from last week. Proud of it. Hopefully, before my next birthday come, I'll be so much better than these. Hahaha!

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