Saturday, May 24, 2014

After some while....

Hey ho! Hello everyone! Howdy? It has been far too long since I updated this getaway of mine. A lot has happened and too many things occurred in those periods of time. Well, can’t really say anything about that. Things happened for reasons.
It’s already May and three months has gone since I finished my degree study. Frankly, I missed those times I spent to study. It was the best. Now that all of that is over, the challenge of landing me on a job is pain to my soul and body. I’ve applied many jobs and yet, haven’t even got any requests for interview. I wonder, am I that useless to those employers? Its scares me to go and apply for jobs at this point. I’m afraid of getting the rejected as well as taking the first step towards employment again. It’s not that I doubt my abilities in performing tasks, it’s just that I don’t want to get in the endless loop of browsing, searching, filtering, filling details and all sorts of those craps involve in getting a job. Lately, I felt that painful torture to my mind whenever I think of my chances to get employment. That, I’m afraid it will take toll on my sanity. But anyway, I am trying to keep my heart immersed in optimism and positive vibe. I am at the right place in the time. My shot will come.
In other parts of my life, things haven’t been going smooth and I don’t think that good times will come in the near future. Judging from the way things are going at this time, it will only be harder for us, fresh graduates to land job. I don’t want to work outside from Sabah at this time unless I am accepted for civil service job. I don’t really think it is a good decision for various reasons with cost of living being the central argument for it. Furthermore, I don’t want to get caught up in the turmoil of religious extremists at the Peninsular.
Oh well, I think that’s all for now. There’s too many things I want to dot down here but as usual, most of them aren’t really the things you would want to let others know. At least not at this time. So I hope you’ll have good time ahead and stay safe yea.

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